NWWB Notes: We have amazing Women-On-The Water in the Northwest

What an incredible evening we had at the Women’s Inspirational Panel last
night at the Boat Show! We have so many impressive women-on-the-water in the
Northwest. Whatever endeavor/passion/hobby you pursue, look for women who
inspire you, look for mentors…they are there and, it seems, especially there
for women who boat in the Northwest

Thank you to our speakers. Each talked about the journeys to their accomplishments. Each shared how they grew through those journeys. Their stories were inspiring and in these days and times we need inspiration.

Ashley Bell parlayed her love of racing into directing the Pink Boat Regatta in the Northwest. When her mother faced breast cancer, she looked for what she could do to help. She found that path through fundraising around sailboat racing. The Pink Boat Regatta in the Northwest has raised over $600,000 toward breast cancer research due to her vision and willingness to step-up.

Danae Hollowed, after spending many years away from boating was trying, but insecure about finding a way back. She kept taking steps; kept reaching out and ultimately found herself on the trip of a lifetime down the coast as part of the crew of the vessel Maiden.

Linda Lewis is fully engaged in whatever she does and for years, that was her work as a Nurse Educator. Upon retirement she channeled her passion, intellect and creative energy creating an entirely new career for herself. She trains powerboaters onboard their boats.

Shelby Milne’s journey started with a divorce, a 4-year old and not a whole lot of confidence. After a chance encounter she took the advice shared, “take your fear as the cue to step up and do whatever you fear.” Each step along the way she took on her fears and ultimately found herself on the 2019 World Champion J24 racing team.

And, finally, with a big thanks to her willingness to fill in at the last minute due to a personal crisis in the life of Captain Sandra Bendexin, Rachel Emery shared the impressive/amazing adventure she stepped up to in 1979. She joined the first all-women team competing in the TransPac Open Ocean Race to Hawaii. The skipper was 21, they had never all sailed together until the day of the race, they had little money and a rented boat with the unfortunate name of Concubine, and the media coverage focused on who well they would cook along the way. But they finished the race and added inevitable notches to that invisible belt we all have marking our self esteem.

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2 Responses to NWWB Notes: We have amazing Women-On-The Water in the Northwest

  1. Gisela Mendoza Sanchez says:


    I found you in the boat show of last week. I would like to know what are the requirements to joint to the Northwest women boating group. I am new in the boat world and I have a motor boat in South Lake Union. I want to be part of your group to enjoy fully all your expertise and fun that you have shown me during the time I experienced in the boat show.

    I look forward hearing back from one of you,


    • Hi Gisela,
      We are so glad to hear from you and enjoy your enthusiasm. There are no formal requirements for joining with us, no dues, no Robert’s Rules. Just show up at a meeting, which, except rarely, is held in the Northwest Marine Trade Assoc. Conference room (behind Fisheries Supply),. You’ve subscribed to the blog which will send out information about presenters, as well as other information. Just keep the third Monday of every month open 7pm to 9pm. The presenters are informative (look back through our blog) and we enjoy socializing with munchies (see we’re casual I didn’t say hors d oeuvres:- ) and wine after each presenter. The last presenters were two gals who, in 1979, were on the first all-woman Trans Pac race team then went on to circumnavigate. Our next presenter is a gal who’s an expert on diesel engines helping us see them as more than just a mass of metal.
      We look forward to meeting you.

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