NWWB MEETING Cancelled for March, See you on April 21st…But please read the post

Hi Gals,

Out of an abundance of caution, many of us are hesitating to attend unnecessary gatherings in the face of the unknown trajectory of the Coronavirus, thus, we have decided to cancel the March 17th meeting of Northwest Women in Boating.

We are a bunch of caring, intelligent gals, though, we are able, capable, and engaged otherwise we wouldn’t be involved with organizations like this or activities like boating. Because of that, we want to encourage all of you in touch with Northwest Women in Boating to DO SOMETHING…Reach out to someone you know who may be less capable or more stressed than you during this confusing and, for some, scary time. Maybe help them with something on their boat or offer another talent you can share. Maybe just call or stop by with some conversation or goodies. Maybe it’s an elderly neighbor, maybe it’s a stressed mother with young children maybe it’s someone with an already challenged immune system.

I’m a writer so it occurred to me to add a positive post to my neighborhood Facebook page encouraging people to reach out to someone more stressed or overwhelmed than they are. I love to cook so the piece I posted encouraged all those who love to cook to make something and share it with someone who could use some kindness. I also posted that same piece on a food blog I haven’t used in a while, so if cooking is your thing and you’d like to reach out and DO SOMETHING, here’s a link for some inspiration. https://ourpastourfuture.blogspot.com/

You are proactive enough to be a part of an organization improving your life and your activities as a boater. Think of even a small positive way you can act during this trying time to make someone’s life a little easier.

Also, this is an organization of pretty intelligent, caring gals, if you are overwhelmed and need some assistance in some way, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. There are a lot of willing resourceful people in our group.

I grew up in a time when community service clubs were more active than they seem to be now. My folks were Moose Lodge members; my husband had connection with the Elks Lodge. It’s times like these that those community-minded folks stood up and reached out. Northwest Women in Boating isn’t a service club, but we are a group of caring individuals connected by a certain activity we love. I can reach out and touch you with words, and you can reach out and touch someone in your life. We encourage you, DO SOMETHING, however small, to make someone else’s life a bit brighter; a bit less challenging – it will mean a lot.

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