Desire to Crew or Need Crew?

NWWB is pleased to provide a place for women to connect with other women who wish to be crew on a vessel or women who wish to find crew for their vessel or a vessel they share. We take no responsibility for any arrangements made nor do we play any role determining skill or personalities of those on the list. It is up to each person to interview perspective crew and captain.

Please leave information in the comments section of this post
Need Crew leave:
Contact Name, Email, Type of Vessel, Level of experience desired if important

Available to Crew leave:
Contact Name, Email, Type power or sail if you have a preferance, your boating background/level of experience.

Name: Myra Franzone
Type of boating I would like to experience: happy to go out on any but specifically looking to sail.
Boating background: I’ve been sailing much of my life on smaller boats with some experience crewing on larger vessels of up to 40 feet. I would say I am a moderately skilled sailor who is looking to gain experience sailing and learn along the way.
I would be interested in connecting to see if I’d be a good fit as crew. Catherine (206)369-1239

13 Responses to Desire to Crew or Need Crew?

  1. Diane Kissinger says:

    Available to Crew:
    Jonesy, 59 yr old F with just one year sailboat racing experience. Looking to crew with women racing or cruising out of Seattle, Everett, Bellingham, Anacortes. Single or multi-hull sailboats. Contact:

  2. Kirsten Parks says:

    Willing and able to learn. I’m new to sailing, at least physically doing it. I’m 43 and a strong, quick learner who has been through the 8 week small boat certification series. I love sailing… And some day hope to own my own boat. In the mean time I will work hard and would like to learn from a pro. Let me know if I can help, Thanks!

  3. Catherine Schatzel says:

    Available to crew. Experience racing and cruising. Sailing experience in Puget Sound, San Juan Islands and up through to Nanaimo. Also intereted in crewing on power boats. (206) 369-1239 or email: Cell is best to contact me.

  4. Gwen Welch says:

    Ready for on the water time:
    I started sailing last summer; starting in small boats; I have taken ASA 101 and 103; working on 105. I would love to get the opportunity to get more on the water time sailing to practice the skills I have learned. My longer term goals are to partake in racing activities out at shilshole and to feel comfortable crewing or skippering larger boats for longer exersions local or in warm waters.
    contact me at: or 206-850-1352

  5. Margaret Nordahl says:

    Greetings! I enjoy sailing and am available to crew. I volunteer on the V5 and have crewed on various vessels, both sail and motor. I was a boat partner for Beneteau 11.5 Idylle, but no longer own that boat. I have taken ASA 101 & 103. Experienced going through the locks.
    Goal is longer cruises, learn racing techniques (i.e. spinnaker) eventually skippering my own boat. If I can help on your boat, I’d love to!

  6. Michele Clever says:

    I belong to Seattle Sailing Club and have race experience and would love to get out on the water for any reason. I’m ASA 104 level and hoping to get out on blue water soon.
    Michele Clever

  7. Coleen has found our group and submitted the following:
    “I have the desire to get into sailing, a new lifejacket and deck shoes are on the way. What I need is a group of people willing to teach a hard worker who loves wind, water and speed.”
    Colleen Holbrook, LICSW, CMHS – – (206) 550-3502

  8. Sister Vegetable Pirate Wanted for Overnighter to Port Ludlow

    Good-natured and sturdy intermediate sailor seeks a more experienced sailor who would be comfortable skippering a Cal 25′ from Ballard to Port Ludlow. I manage a small co-op that is patiently revitalizing sail transport to demonstrate we can move local goods without climate-changing fossil fuel. We will sail the trip as much as possible, but the boat does have an outboard for emergencies.

    As a thank you, you’ll receive a box of organic vegetables, and if we sail cider, some Finnriver cider.

    Trip starts Friday morning, June 24th, from Ballard. Dock Friday night at Port Ludlow.

    Saturday AM, pick up the vegetables for the CSA and sail home. Arrive in Ballard early Saturday evening.

    Please contact me, Kathy Pelish, President and Cofounder, Salish Sea Trading Cooperative, 206-707-5793 (preferred), or email:

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  10. Cynthia Malmer says:

    I need a boating buddy. I am looking for someone who can go with me on weekend boat trips around the sound, someone interested in learning how to navigate and drive. I have a 38 ft sport fishing yacht. Must love dogs as my German Shepard will also be joining us. Please email if interested.

  11. Michele Clever says:

    I have Asa level 104 and just finished navigation class thru the aux. coast guard. If you would like to talk my number 206 371-1265

    Michele Clever

  12. yelena dagaev says:

    I am new to sailing and begin instruction in 2 weeks. I’m strong and physically able to handle pretty much anything. Have had a bit of experience on a 46′ swan steering. It’s one of my new passions in life and looking to jump in whole heartedly! Yelena Dagaev 206.601.9197

  13. From Kathleen S.
    I am interested in finding crew for my Bayfield 29 sailboat in Bellingham, WA. I have been sailing sailboats for almost 15 years, with my husband for the first 8 years and the last 4 years on my own sailboat. Looking for people who have some experience and have time to get away. My boat dog, Woggie, is 13 years old and is a wonderful crew member. My cell is 360-333-7975.

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