Member’s Blogs

This page is for a list of member’s blogs (or possibly Facebook pages) devoted to your boating adventures,  boating-related adventures or your boat.  These will allow us to get to know each other better and enjoy each other


We’ve been writing the blog for about 4 years, about our transition from suburban dirt dwellers to cruisers. We move aboard our 47 foot ketch, S/V Galapagos, on December 21 with plans to cut the dock lines next spring. We’ll be heading south and then wherever, as long as it’s fun. Hope to get up to Seattle to a couple of meetings before we leave.

Thanks, Melissa White S/V Galapagos


Karen Wong took off in October 2014 for a year of cruising with her husband and seven-year-old daughter. She’s back now, but their adventures were impressive and they continue to keep their blog.


Kat Russell’s Blog on cruising adventures to Mexico and beyond

(Kat is now back on land but her Blue Water adventures were amazing)


Juli Tallino lives aboard and is renovating their classic tugboat Iver

Juli Tallino’s Blog on their sailboat:

Juli Tallino’s Blog on their tugboat:


Deborah O’Connor’s Blog


Elsie Hulsizer’s Blog


Pamela Benson’s Blog


Christine Smith – Northwest Navigation Co. – M/V David B


Dana Greyson’s blog – (Dana has a Facebook page Galley Wench Tales, as well.)


Nancy Hunting’s blog



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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome to NW Women in Boating last night! Even though I’ve been blogging for over a decade, I still picked up many useful ideas in the discussion. Here are my blogs to add to the member list: (Adventures with Meps’n’Barry, both aboard Flutterby and on land) (recipes and food writing — I’d love to add a section with NWWB recipes!) (information about my creative projects and my book, Strangers Have the Best Candy)

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