Mon. Nov. 20th NWWB Meeting: Dragon Boating with Club SAKE Paddling Club

We have an interesting program scheduled for this evening and hope to see you there.

Seahawk traffic will be over and you can enjoy a relaxed evening meeting some other enthusiastic boating gals and learning about another way to enjoy the water.

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Mon. Nov. 20th NWWB Meeting: Dragon Boating with Club SAKE Paddling Club

Club SAKE Paddling Club at Northwest Women in Boating November 20, 2017

Gals at Club SAKE Paddling Club are looking forward to introducing us to Dragon Boating. They’ll share information and their excitment about their  boating adventures in this interesting on-the-water sport. Here are our presenters, we look forward to meeting them.

  • Allison Delong, Membership chair 2016-2017 – intro
  • Lesley Blyth, WAM Coach – history of racing
  • Colleen Feasel – traveling and steering
  • Chalida Workman – competitive millennial
  • Keiko Yanagihara – Survivor, steering
  • Susan Mazrui – paddling without sight
  • Nancy Carney – Survivor and recent first-time triathlete

Invite a friend and come enjoy a pleasant, interesting evening.

Link to information about the meeting

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Whidbey Ferry Blown Sideways Here’s a Scenario SMA’s Amazing Simulator

Especially for those of you who experienced that simulator at the Seattle Maritime Academy, imagine the feeling this would have given the Captain. I wonder if any smaller craft were out there?

Whidbey Island ferry gets blown sideways during a 60 mph gusts.

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Get Ready To Help People Enjoy Knot-A-Boat at the Seattle Boat Show

We need you. Knot-A-Boat will be featured at the Seattle Boat Show again this January. It’s a fun and interactive display Plan to step-up and volunteer for a shift/s.

You don’t need to be perfect with your knots but it helps to practice. Southern Boating online magazine just included a short knot tying video that I took the time to watch all the way through. It’s a good way to get you thinking about knots and about joining the NWWB project at the Seattle Boat Show. It’s fun, you get into great conversations with boat show attendees and, this year, Vivian, who like Lynn Reister, was involved with Girl Scouts for years, has an idea of working to inviting some Girl Scouts to join the project.

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Nov. 20th NWWB Meeting: Dragon Boating: Learn From Members of Club Sake Paddling Club

You’ve seen them out on local waters, colorful boats with ornamental dragon heads on the bows and dragon tails on the sterns filled with teams sitting side by side paddling to the rhythm of drum beats. Dragon boating, a 2000 year-old canoe paddling racing sport originally from China, offers a unique way to be on the water, especially for those who enjoy team activities.

Allison Delong, and a group of other members of Seattle’s Club Sake Paddling Club, will introduce us to the sport of Dragon Boating. (The club is expanding into stand-up paddle boarding and outrigger canoe racing, as well.) You’ll learn about the general club (teens to 80 year-olds), Survivor Sake (made up of all female cancer survivors) and Washington Masters (folks over 40 who focus on competition and have raced internationally).

Dragon Boating, you will learn, offers a chance to participate in year-around paddling. If you desire the social aspect or the competitive, being part of a Dragon Boat team can offer an inexpensive work out on our beautiful Northwest waters.

Their website is:   Their Facebook page is: Club Sake Dragon Boat and Paddling Club

Date: Monday, November 20th 2017

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

We meet at the Northwest Marine Trade Association conference room, 1900 N. Northlake Way, #233. Park at Fisheries Supply and go into the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply and up the stairs, turn right and we are the furthest door on the left. (Located in the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply – UP THE STAIRS AND DOWN THE WALKWAY)

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Ponderings Of A Woman On The Water

I am a little introspective this morning about my life and the meaning and purpose of this group supporting women in love with the water and boating. I’m involved because of a commitment since my 20’s to supporting women and improving their lives, their rights, their abilities and their images of themselves. That, I see, is the essence of Feminism and I am a proud Feminist. I was pondering this morning if, at this age and place I find myself, I am doing enough toward my long-time passion, if I’m living my life well enough.

I thought about what I had said in my opening comments to our last Seattle Boat Show panel discussion that our involvement with boating gives us opportunities “to be role models of confident women in a traditionally male-dominated aspect of society.  Just by being an engaged and informed woman boater, you are helping to change another aspect of society where treating women as second class and limiting their opportunities has been rampant.”

Because I chose a boating life I’ve been led to some special women over the years who’ve inspired me and taught me important, sometimes subtle, lessons. One came to mind as I pondered the state of my life and activities this morning. Jeri Callahan passed sometime ago. She was a woman who made an interesting life on the water. As I wondered if what I am doing in all aspects of my life is ‘good enough”, I smiled at a something I remember learning from her.

“People should consider an appropriate shingle to tack above their front doors,” Jeri said as we laughed over lemonade on the shelf-sized deck attached to her ‘shack on a raft’ as she’d dubbed it, one of Seattle’s older floating homes. “Mine would read, Jeri Callahan, Philosopher Queen”. No ego, it came from a thoughtful woman willing to share openly of her thoughts and her life and thoroughly happy with the path she had taken.

She’d raised a family in a traditional suburban life. Alone after a divorce, she chose to pursue a new life adventure. Calling on a rental aboard a floating home, it was taken, but this gregarious, interesting woman made such an impression on the gal she reached, she received a call the next day saying that an old, very small barge was for sale and would she be interested. It was a scary commitment to make, but she jumped at the chance.

Jeri regaled me with antics from the annual New Year’s Eve swims with her floating home neighbors across Seattle’s Lake Union; and of ferrying tourists on historical tours she’d created to celebrate her water-based corner of the world. We celebrated the book she had written about the floating home community in Seattle. None of these things would have happened had she not been draw to the water.

A goose, in a planter next door was part of our social moment. It, like Jeri, felt safe and welcomed “nesting” amidst a community that not only looked out for each other, but the wildlife in their midst. Flo, who lived next door, did her laundry on Jeri’s barge. Jerry didn’t see it as a favor. “How lucky we are”, she’d say “to have that special time to chat over tea.” She ultimately helped the aging Flo to stay onboard her barge longer offering more “sharing” as Flo’s abilities diminished.

Values – it was a word that floated around in Jeri’s world and conversations. Studying philosophy in college had strengthened her sense of the underpinnings of thought and life but had not diminished the whimsy so much a part of her character. There was an interesting crack along one wall where she lived. It occurred when she had work done to straighten her little floating box. “It’s sort of like life,” said Jerry, “Sometimes when we strive too hard for perfection, we are reminded that imperfection is a part of everyone’s life, how we handle it says a lot about ourselves.” She enjoyed that crack on her wall keeping it as a reminder not to try to live life too perfectly.

Marilyn Michael

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Liz Lappala and Husband Risto Following Their Dream

OK cruising planners/dreamers and armchair travelers…

Liz Lappala wrote…

We are sailing to Mexico this Monday with the HaHa. Look forward to joining the group again down the road. Thanks

You can check out their cruising plans and other information about their adventure at:



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