Resources for March 20th 2017 program – by Bruce Muller, Sailor and senior staff COMET


Recommendations by Bruce Muller, Sailor & senior staff COMET

The above link makes available .pdf’s on the following topics: Using IR satellite data to draw a 500 mb Chart  –  Maritime Community Time Converts – Why The Wind Blows Part 1 –  Why The Wind Blows Part 2  –  Maritime Community Geospatial

Using IR satellite data to draw a 500 mb chart

Principles of Celestial Navigation made for the Navy but broad applicability

Understanding Marine Customers, 2nd Edition – For NWS marine forecasters but has some simple overviews of some of the issues that sailors deal with that are impacted by wind and wave conditions

Introduction to Ocean Tides – For folks that want a solid understanding of tides

Introduction to Ocean Currents – More for general interest forfolks living and playing in the marine environment

Wave Types and Characteristics – This and the following two lessons are probably a bit more in depth than appropriate for the sailor audience. I could envision a more introductory lesson combining key concepts from all three

Wave Life Cycle I: Generation

Wave Life Cycle II: Propagation & Dispersion

Introduction to Hydrography – there’s a section on selecting and using nautical charts

Good learning to you and be sure to provide COMET with your evaluations of the lessons your complete. It’s important to our boating community that your voice is heard.