NWWB lost an enthusiatic sailor and member when Patty Donovan passed away on September 18, 2011, just two months after being diagnosed with colon cancer.  She and her late husband, Harry, sailed a custom built, 52-foot wooden sailboat which they named Coast Home, and enjoyed many years plying Puget Sound and British Columbia waters.  They had a long list of favorite destinations that included narrow entrances leading to secluded, pristine anchorages that most of us wouldn’t even consider squeezing into; but they were fearless, confident adventurers, who loved to explore.  When their jobs called them back to Seattle while cruising, they would leave Coast Home for weeks at time at various anchorages in Canada, just to return and pick up the adventure where they had left off. After Harry’s passing in 2009, Patty found a sense of belonging with like-minded women with whom she could share stories, experiences and adventures at NWWB.  She thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at the Seattle Boat Show where she shared her knowledge and enthusiasm.  At the time of her passing, Patty was preparing Coast Home for the next cruising season.  She was grateful to all who gave her encouragement and the confidence as a single woman to prepare Coast Home to sail again. We have included a link to her obituary:

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