Welcome to the Northwest Women in Boating Blog. We’ve created it as a forum for this great group of women to be able to share with each other. There are things that occur in all of our lives as women and as women who love boats and boating that could benefit other women. Those of you who’ve been able to attend our meetings and those who haven’t been able to but follow our emails, you’re an amazing group. Let’s get to know each other even better online in this forum.

We communicate via email notices and through this blog about our third Monday of the month meetings. We’ll also be posting other notices we have or which are sent our way from you.

If you enjoy of just want to follow our group online, it helps if you subscribe to the blog (there is a place to subscribe in the right hand column) This enables the posts to show up for you as an email. Your email is not shared anywhere else. Let’s get to know each other even better through sharing online.

We also hope you will send for posting:

  • The address of your blog so others can enjoy (see blog list below)
  • Events of interest to the group
  • News of interest about yourself or other women boaters
  • Ideas to help make us better boaters or boat owners
  • Humor we would enjoy
  • Tales from your life as a boater that would help us learn and maybe even laugh (you know the “she thinks that’s bad, she should hear my story” type laughter

We may ask for your responses to certain questions at times and post your answers

We are looking forward to future meetings and hope to meet even more of you. We’ve been heartened that so many of you have shared our group with women you’ve met through your boating activities. Let’s continue to get the word out. Please, if you would, share this blog with other women boaters you know who aren’t a part of our group.

Marilyn and Vivian

11 Responses to About

  1. SailPinga says:

    Hello. As I get the courage to discuss it, I’m writing a bit about my experiences at blog http://sailpinga.wordpress.com/. Bought a boat in 2007, as “an older woman” going into early retirement, and decided to learn all about it, from scratch.
    Do you have contact/membership info any where? I don’t see it. Thanks much.
    Deborah O’Connor, Bellingham

    • Deborah,

      Thank you so much for sharing your blog and for your interest in Northwest Women in Boating. You are now on our membership list. We are a non-dues, no Robert’s Rules, education, networking and having fun organization. Vivian Strolis and I organize the meetings. The NMTA lets us use their conference room (See Meetings tab) Our gals do a fabulous volunteer effort every year at the Seattle Boat Show helping the NMTA with concierge and the Information Booth. If we’ve met I apologize for not remembering. There are gals on our list from your area, Oregon, Eastern Washington and it’s growing. I’ve been trying to arrange for Jennifer Hahn from Bellingham to go a program for us. We look forward to hearing more from you and, again, you blog is going to be just a nice addition to the growing number of blogs from our members.

      Marilyn Michael

  2. Ann Hay says:

    Hello all ..

    I too do not see a way to “subscribe” or “join” NWWB on this website. A link or information about how to do that would be helpful. That last request above from SailPinga was in Jan 2011. I wonder how many other women have looked at this website over the past two years and have been frustrated with the lack of a way to sign up. Sign me up or send me a way to sign up! Please. 🙂

    Ann Hay

  3. The area for signing up to follow this blog (receive notice in your email of a new post on the main page) is in the right hand column. It was toward the bottom and I have moved it up to the top to make it easier to find. Thanks for the feedback. Any problems, let me know.
    Marilyn – lkunion@aol.com

  4. Elizabeth Ellingsen-Wannamaker says:

    Hello, I just signed up for the email subscription, but how do I go about joining and going to meetings? I am very interested.

  5. MWhite:LittleCunningPlan says:

    Thank you for an inspiring and interesting panel discussion yesterday at the Seattle Boat Show. I want to make it up to Seattle to attend some of your meetings as I really liked the energy of the group, how supportive the women were of one another, and the amazing amount of knowledge and talent represented in the crowd and on the panel yesterday. My blog is LittleCunningPlan.com. We plan to move aboard this spring if all goes as expected and hoped for. I do not see the location of the meetings, or the time of the meetings anywhere on this page. Can you point me in the correct direction for this info? Thanks!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the presentation. Yes, our group is composed of an amazing group of women, fun, talented and inspiring. There is a lot of sharing and friendship-making that happens. It’s a great time to be a boating gal in the Northwest. Our meetings are the third Monday of every month. If you subscribed to the blog you’ll receive a notice, we also email notices out to our mailing list. The Location is the Northwest Marine Trade Association behind Fisheries Supply in Seattle. Directions are on the meeting notices and available on meeting page on the menu bar (The February meeting info isn’t up yet). We look forward to meeting you and hearing more about your moving aboard adventure. I’ll put your blog on our member’s blog page so others may get to know you.
      Marilyn Michael

  6. Joyce Conbere says:

    Thank you to the avid women sailors in this group who have helped me along my journey to learn to sail and cruise late in life. I hope to get to know you all better in 2017.

  7. Barb Oliver says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a full-time liveaboard in the Des Moines Marina. I’m on a 50 ft. Gibson houseboat named Carlotta.

    • Suzanne Bachelor says:

      Thanks for starting this!!

      We’re just returning from a month in the Broughtons to fiddle around in Desolation awhile, eventually returning to our home slip where we live aboard on Lake Washington.

      Love to see any info on Alaska cruising, which is our goal for next year!

      Thanks Linda Lewis for your inspiring meeting on the Life Sling!!!

      A great summer to you all!!!

      On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 10:22 AM Northwest Women in Boating wrote:

      > Barb Oliver commented: “Hi Everyone, I am a full-time liveaboard in the > Des Moines Marina. I’m on a 50 ft. Gibson houseboat named Carlotta.” >

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