NWWB Meeting Mon. March 18th – Be Inspired By a ‘Dream Chaser’, Sarah Scott Shares Her Impressive Path to Becoming the First Black Woman to Solo Circumnavigate.

We can all use some inspiration as we head into this year and a new boating season.

Northwest Women in Boating is about inspiring women and 36-year-old Sarah Scott’s story will do just that. What gave this woman the tenacity to take on the challenges of skills completely foreign to her – buying and refitting a boat and learning to sail? What sparked her very ambitious dream – circumnavigating solo? Sarah Scott’s story is one that transcends activities on the water. She’s dynamic and you will love the tales about her progress forward. She is actively refitting a 1969 Rawson 30 and planning to circumnavigate Vancouver Island next August. She will bring stories and lots of pictures for you to enjoy.

From a December article in 48 North magazine… “My learning curve was steep. I proceeded to do countless projects on the boat, each of which required learning how to do it first: new systems, new head, new plumbing, new Kiwi Grip. I did almost all of these projects by myself. I also taught myself the theory of how to read a sextant and I felt I understood it perfectly, though I didn’t have the horizon to try it yet. I single-handed all around Puget Sound, to Blake Island and Poulsbo, and eventually across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A year later, I got a job at Fisheries Supply in Fremont; and over the course of thirty months I worked my way up from cashier to Sailboat Specialist. I was officially hooked!”

Sarah is a Kirkland native with no boats in her background. She’s a published writer with an MFA. She’s an active feminist with a personal focus on the effects of racism. She has a passionate hope her goal will inspire women, especially young black women, to pursue their dreams.

Date: Monday March 18th

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103 (Behind Fisheries Supply)

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NWWB Note: In-Depth Navigation Class with Capt. Linda Lewis

Time to put the shovel away and learn how to navigate with Capt. Linda Lewis!

An in-depth NAVIGATION course starts on TUESDAY MARCH 5, 2019 in the Shoreline WA area and runs for nine weeks. This USCG Auxiliary course is taught by volunteer Capt. Linda Lewis and includes:

How to read a chart and enter routes – using today’s electronic charts

Understanding and working with currents and tides

Identifying aids to navigation

Learning how to use your radar



And more…

Click the link below then scroll down to “THE WEEKEND NAVIGATOR” to see the entire class schedule and to register online:  https://edmondscoastguardaux.com/boater-education-classes; $165 for partners sharing materials.)

We always end up with a waiting list, so act now if you are interested. ($115 per person

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West Marine Price Matching – Check It Out

Here is an article from http://www.theboatgalley.com that is worth reading.

West Marine has been offering price matching for almost a year, but I’ve found that there are still a lot of boaters who don’t know about it or how to take advantage of it. For international readers, West Marine is a large US chain of marine supplies stores.

West Marine offers price matching with retail competitors and, probably more importantly, all websites — Amazon and all those discount places. They require that the item be the same brand and model.


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NWWB Feb. 18th Meeting Canceled – But Read This For Imp. Information

Hi Gals,

First, thanks to all who helped out with the Knot A Boat Booth.

We’ve never cancelled a meeting before but feel this month everyone is a bit stressed with the weather,  or possibly still recovering from the Boat Show. Possibly you’re looking forward to  hunkering down with a good book or binge watching a favorite series over the extra day off.

Please, as you prepare your calendars for the New Year, mark the third Monday of the month for our meetings. We really hope you will commit to coming out this year to enjoy and learn from our speakers and , most importantly, to support other women who boat.

Also, please share speaker ideas that come to  mind. There are folks out there doing interesting and important stuff in the maritime arena, let us know about them. And, that person doing interesting and important stuff may be you, offer to give a program. Don’t be shy or underestimate what you have to offer, we’d love to follow along on your adventure, or be introduced to a skill or knowledge you possess,

This coming long-weekend we encourage you to relax and indulge in something that fuels your soul.

Amazon has The Curve of Time free as an audio book if you use Audible or take advantage ,of a free trial of their Audible program. What a great bedtime story. If you boat and haven’t read it, what an inspiration it is to women on the water!

If you are messing about on-line, Vivian subscribes to and recommends, www.theboatgalley.com an excellent source of ideas, recipes, articles, etc.

If you have an instant pot, I have a true comfort food idea, home-made Potato Soup. Here’s a link to my recipe: Marilyn’s Cheesy Potato Soup . If you don’t have an Instant Pot check them out, I use mine daily and one could be a great idea for your boat.

If you sew, dig into your fabric stash and make a creative throw pillow for the boat or for a friend who could use a fun surprise.

Create a welcome hand-out to give to guests who come onto your boat offering info on what’s what, where things are and how to use certain things like the head. A Grand Banks owner I knew made a creative one and guests really appreciated it.

Finally, as I encouraged in my comments at the beginning of our boat show inspirational panel, There is a commitment we are going to ask you to make this year, it’s the hallmark of Northwest Women in Boating. At whatever level of boating expertise you have, you have skills, you have enthusiasm. Promise yourself to reach out to one or more boating women on your dock,  in your organization, or even a dreamer you meet who wants to boat someday. Say something, do something, encourage them in whatever ways you can. Join us in continuing to build a strong supportive community of boating women in the Northwest.

(Here is a link to my full comments at the beginning of this year’s Inspirational Panel at the Boat Show)


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Free Boat Show Ticket Link for Women’s Day Jan. 28th – Bring A Friend To Our Inspirational Panel

Gals, Here is a link to free Seattle Boat Show tickets for Women’s Day Monday, Jan 28th  (women only)  https://secure.interaciveticketing.com/1.23/9aedb1/#/select

Join other gals at the Pyramid Brewing Co. after (walking distance)

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NWWB Meeting Mon. Jan. 21st Elsie Hulsizer Planning Your Coastal Cruise

Planning your first coastal cruise and wondering where to start? Curious about the challenges and advantages of different destinations? Elsie Hulsizer, a veteran of coastal cruises from South Puget Sound to Alaska will share her insights on planning a successful coastal cruise. She’ll discuss the attractions and challenges of the Pacific Northwest’s many destinations, how to determine time needed for different destinations and how to provision and outfit your boat. Illustrated with photos from Elsie’s extensive cruising collection.

Elsie Hulsizer

Elsie Hulsizer is the author of Voyages to Windward: Sailing Adventures on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and Glaciers, Bears and Totems: Sailing in Search of the Real Southeast Alaska. She and her husband own an Annapolis 44 sloop and have cruised extensively in Northwest Waters including 6 trips to SE Alaska, two trips to Haida Gwaii and 20+ trips to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. She has a master’s degree in oceanography and a certificate in fine art photography and is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Center for Wooden Boats.

Date: Monday, January 21st, 2019

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

We meet at the Northwest Marine Trade Association conference room, 1900 N. Northlake Way, #233. Park at Fisheries Supply and go into the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply and up the stairs, turn right and we are the furthest door on the left. (Located in the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply – UP THE STAIRS AND DOWN THE WALKWAY)

Questions: Contact Vivian at nwwbviv@gmail.com

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Once a year Northwest Women in Boating needs you…and it’s now

Northwest Women in Boating provides programs year around and never asks for money, but we ask for your support once a year.  It is important for our future that we step up to volunteer for shifts at the Knot A Boat booth at the Seattle Boat Show that runs from Jan 25th to Feb 2nd.

The Northwest Marine Trade Association allows us to use their comfortable and convenient conference room for our meetings all year. Making Knot A Boat available as an interactive booth at the boat show is our way of giving back. All shifts MUST be covered. It’s fun, you don’t have to be a knot whiz (you can learn while sharing the experience with others).

Please look at the schedule and find a day/time that can work for you.

GO TO https://doodle.com/poll/m3nc8svvqxckc95a

How to sign up for a volunteer shift for Knot-a-Boat:

  • Click this Doodle link: https://doodle.com/poll/m3nc8svvqxckc95a
  • Click “+” at the top of the left side column to add your name to the list (if it’s not already there)
  • The time/date for each shift is across the top. Click the shifts you want. There will be 2 women per shift.
  • Then fill in your email address and cell phone number so Margaret can contact you.
  • The Doodle will be open until Thursday, January 17 for you to sign up. Please sign up as soon as possible!
  • If you need to make changes before the 17th, just click the blue pencil icon next to your name in the left hand column.

Here is the Knot A Boat Booth

Here are your benefits for taking a shift

·        You’ll get a ticket to enter the boat show and one to share for each shift you sign up for. You can pick the tickets up at the NWWB meeting on January 21, or they will be waiting for you at the boat show at Will Call.members

·         It’s fun and social! You get to meet lots of boaters, and get to know other NWWB gals

.        It’s a way to give back to NMTA, for providing the room for our meetings

·        You help the boating community by teaching basic knots to new boaters

·        You get to practice your knots, and learn new ones from others!

·        Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot of knots! You can learn/refresh here: https://seattleonthewater.com/knots-%26-line-handling Also, we’ll practice the basics in January’s meeting. Finally, there’s ALWAYS lots of guys that come up to the booth who are interested in teaching you a knot THEY know… sometimes all you need to do is be a student!

·        Do you have a woman boater friend that wants to volunteer with you? Great! Sign her up!

·        We do limit volunteers to women for most days, but we welcome any husbands/men friends that would like to volunteer to cover on Women’s Day, Monday January 28 so the women can participate in all the great events!

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