NWWB Meeting Dec. 12 A Potluck And Program At Center for Wooden Boats

A COUPLE IMPORTANT NOTES: this is the 2nd monday, not the third (just for this month) . Also, we need an RSVP for this meeting and, as they aren’t charging us for use of this nice facility, we plan to “pass the hat” to make a donation to their programs.

Come and share a potluck meal in the Center for Wooden Boats’ classic boathouse and enjoy a view of Lake Union’s Christmas lights.

Elsie Hulsizer, a member of NWWB and of the Board of Trustees for the Center for Wooden Boats, has arranged for us to meet in CWB’s boathouse gallery in South Lake Union. She will tell us what CWB has been doing and what that big wooden building going up next to MOHAI is all about.

The Center for Wooden Boats at the bottom of Lake Union is a maritime museum where history becomes something you can touch, build, row and sail.

CWB is more than wooden boats. Its motto is, “We change lives one boat at a time.” It offers a boat livery and free public sails. It teaches adult and family sailing and adult maritime skills. Its youth programs include sailing and boat building camps, skills classes including STEAM Sailing for Girls!, a jobs skills training program, out-of-school youth program for groups, and field trips.

Located in the heart of Seattle’s booming South Lake Union tech corridor, CWB is positioned to serve as an urban oasis and a gathering place for the areas new residents and employees.

Come learn more about CWB on December 12.

Although parking can be scarce in South Lake Union, you will find some on-street parking on Valley Street and along Westlake Ave N. to the north, some public parking in the lot next to the Streetcar stop at Valley St. and Terry Ave N.. Or check https://seattleparking.spplus.com/seattle-south-lake-union-parking.html to find nearby pay lots.

If it’s a dry night there is some free parking at 1177 Fairview Ave. N in the marina lot facing the street across the street from the Silver Cloud Hotel which is about a 3 block walk to the CWB.

 It’s a great help to us if you would consider subscribing to the blog for all the information about this groups activities. Also, we appreciate it when you share the link with women boating friends: www.nwwb.wordpress.com/

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Please Share Your Blogs or Facebook Pages Devoted to Boats and Boating

We hope you are having a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. I just received a link to a post from the blog of one of the gals who appreciate NWWB, Deborah O’Connor. She’s sharing some creative solutions she found for some unwanted head odors (with pictures) link below. Thanks Deborah!

We’d like to remind all or you, whether you’ve been to meetings or just follow us online, we have a Member’s Blog page for which we would LOVE  to receive links to your blogs about your boat or boating (or links to Facebook pages devoted to such). If you don’t have a blog, we would also appreciate hearing about creative or helpful information or ideas about boats and boating that you’ve experienced or learned that we could pass on to the gals of NWWB. Just email them.  Below is a link to the Member’s Blog page on which you can find Deborah’s and other members blog. Let’s add some more, send your link (and if desired a couple sentence description) and your name to nwwbviv@gmail.com. Enjoy

Member’s Blog Page

post from Deborah O’Connor’s blog –Woman-owned Sailboat

For many years I have not used the seawater intake to supply the toilet, preferring to pour some fresh water into the bowl from a gallon jug. With this routine, I noticed less odor in that area. Last week I placed a bidet attachment valve on the Bosch hot water heater, because it is directly behind the toilet, and now I use a sprayer attached there to fill the bowl, or clean it. A tidy solution using an inexpensive bidet kit found on Amazon.

In the photo, I have not yet mounted the diverter valve on the wall and I am pondering how to do that without placing another screw in the bulkhead. Things on boats, interior or exterior, change so much and holes are a common problem, don’t you find this so?

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NWWB Meeting Monday, Nov. 21st Learn About Issues of Importance to the Recreational Boating Community

Enjoy a relaxed and informative evening and become more knowledgeable and engaged in the issues of the community in which you are a part.

The Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) is an important voice and advocate for the recreational boating community in the Northwest and those who serve them. This is us, gals. Please come and learn more about issues of importance to boaters. Bring questions relating to regulatory or other concerns of boat owners. Learn about programs and opportunities for involvement available to boaters.

Peter Schrappen is the NMTA’s Government Affairs Director and VP. He works as a lobbyist in Olympia for recreational boating and environmental interests. Peter will be our speaker Monday.

You will learn about how the recent election and subsequent changes affects the Northwest boating community.

The Northwest Marine Trade Association is the advocate organization for recreational boating, you will learn about their legislative agenda.

You will learn about  a new and important program called, Core Plus. There is a huge need for qualified tradespeople in the boating industry. It would restore discontinued shop classes to grades K-12 an important step in beginning to fill that need. (This seems part of some larger changes in education policies important to remedy the crisis of loss of jobs in America.)

There is a lot happening that can and will affect boaters, this is a chance to help us be proactive.


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NWWB Meeting Mon. Nov. 21st. Peter Schrappen, The Voice For Recreational Boaters in Olympia, Shares Information of Interest

We have two things to share with you in this notice so read on down, and please RSVP for this meeting at nwwbviv@gmail.com


The Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) is an important voice and advocate for the recreational boating community in the Northwest and those who serve them. This is us, gals.

Peter Schrappen is the NMTA’s Government Affairs Director and VP. He lobbies in Olympia for recreational boating and environmental interests. Peter will be our speaker Monday.

He will speak with us about the elections as they relate to the balance of power in Olympia and how it affects the Northwest boating community.

He will preview the next legislative session discussing the NMTA’s legislative agenda. He will discuss work to promote the Core Plus program which would restore shop classes to grades K-12. These were discontinued ten years ago resulting in diminishing numbers of qualified tradespeople.

He could also address what happened on the national scene on Election Day, if there are questions.


There are changes this year in our volunteer work at the Seattle Boat Show. The Information Booth will be operated by NMTA Staff. We want to thank all who have volunteered in the past, you did a great job. Policies just change.

We will, though, need to fill volunteer slots for Knot-A-Boat. It’s an enjoyable and interesting volunteer experience and we need you. It will be located in the same place as last year – next to the information booth. There will be no parking passes available to those of you who volunteer, but you will receive two tickets per shift. It’s a good year to use public transit, the shuttle from Lake Union or carpool with someone. We’ll discuss it more and you can call with questions. We’ll have a sign-up sheet available at the meeting.

Meeting Date and Time: Monday November 21st, 7 pm to 9 pm. (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103 Link to directions

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Confidence In Boating A Boating Workshop for Women


Saturday, Nov. 5th 2016 in Everett

A Boating Workshop Taught By Women

Presented by Women of Flotilla 11 from the U.S.C.G Auxiliary

For women interested in building their confidence in boating

Learn what to do if you are “suddenly in command”… basics of using the radio to call for help… turning the vessel around and bringing someone back into the boat if there is a “man overboard… improving communication with your boating partner. And much more.

Full information about this valuable class is available at this link:
Course for Women: Confidence in Boating – Nov 5

Past classes have been full so register early if interested.

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Knot A Problem! A Knot Tying Evening at Seattle Yacht Club

The Women’s Group Boating Skills Committee of the Seattle Yacht Club, invites you to a fun evening of camaraderie and knot tying. If you are already an “old salt”, come and help others! This could be a great prep if you would like to volunteer for Knot-A-Boat at the Boat Show.

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 25th    – 1800 (6:00pm) Program at 1830 (6:30 pm)

Location: Seattle Yacht Club – 1807 E Hamlin St, Seattle, WA 98112 – Heritage Room

Bring an Hors d’ oeuvre and wine to share

This is a Seattle Yacht Club Women’s Group event and for women’s education. RSVP if you plan to attend by contacting Becky Garvie 206 979 1870 Canstyle@aol.com or Ginger Marshall 206 234 2666 ginger.marshall@p.com

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NWWB Oct. 17th Meeting Mary Campbell Tales and Lessons Learned Cruising Alaska

We look forward to seeing your this evening.

Mary Campbell has been sailing and cruising seriously for the last 25 years.  Her first sailboat was a Tom Colvin-designed aluminum junk rigged schooner that she single-handed back from Glacier Bay in 2008.

Longing to return to Alaska, she finally headed north again in her current boat, a Cascade 36 sloop, sailing from Olympia to Seward in May and June of 2015.  She spent July and August 2015 exploring the Kenai peninsula, crossing Cook Inlet to visit the Katmai reserve, and cruising Prince William Sound.  The boat wintered over in Seward.

This year Mary brought it from Seward through Prince William Sound and back across the Gulf of Alaska to SE Alaska.  After 6 more weeks tucking into various anchorages in SE Alaska, the boat ended up in Petersburg where she is now wintering over.

Mary will talk about how she prepared the boat and recruited crew for the two summers, as well as lessons learned traveling in remote areas.  Be careful watching the slides: the Alaska bug is contagious!

Link to location information

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