NWWB Meeting Mon. Nov. 19th Conquering the Lewis and Clark Water Trail, Lewiston to Astoria, in a Dinghy.

You have an opportunity to hear about a unique boating adventure by two gals who really had to ‘chart their own course’ as they took on the Snake and Columbia Rivers in a small boat.

We are so proud of Joanne Poggetti and her friend Katie Geraghty. In August they planned, prepared for and completed an amazing boating adventure traveling the entire Lewis and Clark Water Trail along the Snake and Columbia Rivers in a 13′ Boston Whaler.

Planning for the adventure they discovered there really weren’t other small boat travelers along that route they could learn from. Garmin failed trying to plug in the charts they needed leaving them with paper charts.

“The dams were the scariest and turned out to be the easiest,” said Joanne. They had to keep their load down, haul boat contents to campsites each night, fight amazing winds and currents, and be ‘right on’ with fuel stops. Joanne did land recognizance before the trip developing an impressive spread sheet showing campsites and fuel stops.

Plan to be there as they share their triumphs and crisis taking on a very different boating challenge – traveling the mighty waters of the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

(They’ve been asked to present at the Seattle Boat Show, so we get to enjoy it first!)

Date: Monday, November 19th 2018

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

Directions on the meeting page of our blog


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Member, Diane Johnson, shared that there’s a unique, fantastic art festival happening in the park on Lake Union, near MOHAI and MV Lotus October 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th from 5 to 10 pm.

Seattle will host its debut BOREALIS, a festival of light at MOHAI, including the first international Video Projection Mapping competition and exhibition in the United States. Presented by Comcast, this free event features a unique combination of multi-media video mapping, original music, and lighting art installations.

The outdoor lighting festival will take place each evening, beginning at dusk, in Lake Union Park with video mapping projections on the facade of MOHAI.

Visiting MOHAI before BOREALIS is a great way to spend the day. Enjoy a special $10 all-day parking rate when MOHAI museum visitors park at the AGC lot located at 1200 Westlake Ave N. Please visit the admissions desk to get a ticket.

Location: Lake Union Park        Cost: Free with registration

Diane offers an idea for a fun way of enjoying the event…
“I’ll be enjoying the festival and staying overnight on MV Lotus on Sunday evening. Some of the 5 staterooms are still available onboard during festival nights Th – Sun. Perhaps NWWB members would enjoy the fest and/or enjoy staying onboard Lotus.  Members may remember the potlucks that NWWB had onboard the beautiful historic 92’ motorboat Lotus.   www.mvlotus.org “


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NWWB MEETING Mon. Oct. 15th FIRE ONBOARD BE PREPARED – An Interactive and Informational Meeting

It’s Boat Fire Season Let’s Get Ready – RSPV

We hope you keep the third Monday of every month marked on your calendar. We’re excited for this meeting. – Love to learn?  We look forward to seeing you and please RSVP.

The “boat fire” season is upon us as we saw this morning (10/8/18) with the boat/ boat house fire at the Everett Marina.  Monday evening we are going to help you prepare with safety tips and how to be ready with answers for the “what if’s”.  We are excited to have several members help as we will actually take ourselves through a fire drill – Yes, like me, you’ve probably never done one. I just didn’t know where to start.

Remember Knot-A-Boat? It offered a hands-on way of learning and remembering knots. Learning and remembering the steps for fire safety requires hands-on experience too.

Wait till you see our “pretend boat” for fire safety. We’ll have a fire blanket to use on our “pretend galley fire” and imagine our way through an engine room fire as well as those pesky electrical fires. We’ll even have “empty” fire extinguisher canisters to use. There will be a ditch bag to grab as you escape your very own “pretend boat emergency”. You’ll see what’s in a ditch bag and learn how to put one together – I don’t have one, do you?

But, before we get to the fun of practicing we’ll learn the steps of a fire drill.  Remember grade school and how they taught you what to expect before they rang that very, very loud bell? Please join us as Margaret Pommert, Juli Tallino, Cindy Faw, Maggie Murphy, Marilyn Michael and I will bring you a fun and valuable evening.  Your ideas and participation are welcome (no ball hogs, though, as they say in little people soccer).

Come be inspired and help inspire as we get ready for a safe boat fire season. Bring tips or photos you may have on fire safety to share on a dry erase board or on paper we can tack up.

We’re excited for this meeting – we love to learn and hope you do too.  Look forward to seeing you and please RSVP to nwwbviv@gmail.com. (link to location information)

Vivian Strolis 206-819-2265

Marilyn Michael 2063220633

And…if you think dealing with fire or potential fire onboard is rare, the short tale below of a happenstance meeting of four gals chatting at a NWWB meeting may surprise you.

One evening at a Northwest Women in Boating meeting Penny, Pat, and I stood riveted by Pam’s tale…“You’re not going to believe this, I woke up the other night to my boat filled with smoke!” A liveaboard’s, or anyone’s nightmare, it was fascinating, instructive and, thankfully, ended safely. She had started up her onboard heating system for winter. A motor on the pump to her hot water circulating system had overheated. The burning was confined to the inside of the pump but resulted in immense smoke. On her way to the fire extinguisher, she, for some reason, shut down the furnace and before looking for the source, she shut off power to the boat. Pam sells boats for a living, loves living aboard with her daughter and as scary as the experience was, she saw it as character building and another unique adventure of her chosen lifestyle.

What was interesting but, I’ve learned not unusual in a group of boaters, was that after her tale her rapt audience of three each began sharing personal onboard fire/smoke experiences. Pat’s was the most riveting. She and her husband had just finished renovating a 1985 boat and were starting to enjoy the holiday season. That evening they planned to take out friends and family for the Christmas Parade so had turned the Espar heater on to warm the boat before running last minute errands. Returning home, her husband went down to the boat at the dock off their house on Lake Washington. Looking in he couldn’t see anything through the smoke. When he opened the door, flames emerged. They lost the boat to an electrical fire. They lived through every boater’s nightmare. Pat, later widowed, is still an enthusiastic boater. She enjoys taking out family and friends and taking interesting classes on all nature of boating skills.

Penny’s tale involved a large family gathering on board while anchored in Blakely Harbor starting to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. They had just turned on the generator for the electric stove when smoke started seeping through the floorboards. Instinct overrode prudence and they did lift the engine room hatch to find the source. Fortunately they had just blown a generator hose. Using power from the inverter they managed to use the microwave and an electric frying pan to prepare the entire meal successfully. She laughed sharing that everyone actually remembers it as the most interesting Thanksgiving ever. As a result of their adventure they installed a fire suppression system in the engine room.

My story involved hoses too, and the engine onboard our newly purchased 1978 27’Newport sloop. It was our first boat. We’d put it through all the requisite surveys but had one of those, “you can’t anticipate it” events. The engine jumped its mounts while we were underway off Port Ludlow. We lucked out, because we, too, made the wrong move of jumping below to find the cause of the smoke. We had oil on hot engine parts from pulled hoses but no major damage. It did cause us to hone our sailing skills making it home to Seattle many hours later that day (with some help from a copy of Colgate’s Sailing Theory…but that’s another story.

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NWWB News: Consider Giving a Seminar at the January 2019 Seattle Boat Show

Hey Gals,

Don’t underestimate the interest of others in the adventures you are having on board or the skills you have learned. The Northwest Marine Trade Association is seeking presenters for the January 2019 Seattle Boat Show. Give it serious thought, it’s fun and important, especially in these “culturally-challenged times”. We need more women as role models and who are willing to “make a statement by being visible” that women on the water are just as capable, courageous and creative as their male counterparts.

We are posting where to get information and a link to the application. Many gals from NWWB have stepped up over the years and all have had fun.

Here is the application link:    seattleboatshow.com/seminarsignup

Contact for information: Alashia Wartelle – Seattle Boat Show – Northwest Marine Trade Association | 206-634-0911

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Joanne and Katie Completed Their Columbia River Adventure!

Hey Gals, we should all congratulate and be inspired by Joanne Poggetti (a presenter on January’s Boat Show Panel) and Katie Geraghty on conquering the Columbia River in a small Bostan Whaler. The Daily Astorian did an article on Joanne and Katie’s adventure. Here is an opening paragraph and a link to the article.

Longtime friends Joanne Poggetti, 67 (pictured, left), and Katie Geraghty (right) — members of Northwest Women in Boating in Seattle — enjoy going on adventures together, and this year’s trek was a whopper. They decided take Joanne’s 13-foot Boston whaler (equipped with a 40-horsepower motor), and follow the Lewis and Clark Expedition 469 miles downriver from Lewiston, Idaho, to the mouth of the Columbia River.  (Rest of article at Daily Astorian)  “In One Ear” is a regular column in the paper

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NWWB Info: Amazing Whale Breach Video

As we are thinking about and feeling concern for the fate of the Orcas. I came across this piece from Mother Jones magazine showing an amazing video of three whales breaching together. Let’s celebrate in any way we can these amazing creatures in our midst.

From the article;

“These days, I’m finding it more and more useful to be reminded of the almighty power of the non-human occupants of the planet. The humans are exhausting. The non-humans are awe-inspiring. Take these three magnificent ocean dwellers for example—humpback whales caught on camera last month by Edmond Giroux aboard a whale cruise off of Nova Scotia:”

Here’s a link to the video:



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NWWB Meeting Sept. 17th Tips And Tales Afloat Night Come With Ideas And Resources

For one meeting every year we like to have an evening devoted to the sharing of insights and information from our participants. You’ve all learned and are learning so much about boating, please come and let the rest of our group in on resources you turn to or ideas that make boating and the boating life easier, more fun, or more successful for you.

For several years I wrote a column for NorWesting Magazine called Tips and Tales Afloat. After reading boating magazines for awhile I was frustrated that there wasn’t more practical information and useful ideas. I wrote the magazine a letter suggesting an area that was a cross between Hint’s From Heloise Tips, Mike Mailway Trivia and maybe some Erma Bombeckesque tales. They thought it a good idea and asked me to write it. So, we’ve come to call our popular evenings of sharing Tips and Tales Afloat Nights.

Monday night, September 17 will be a relaxed evening of sharing the tips you’ve learned that make the boating life easier and resources you turn to for information, Vivian is particularly interested in web-based resources you turn to or enjoy related to boating. She turns every morning to a blog by a boating gal who’s cruised 11 years called, http://www.theboatgalley.com. So, gals, please come for a fun evening of sharing. Make a list of resources and ideas you could share with like-minded women boaters and join us for a fun and educational evening.

Date: Monday, September 17th 2018

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

We meet at the Northwest Marine Trade Association conference room, 1900 N. Northlake Way, #233. Park at Fisheries Supply and go into the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply and up the stairs, turn right and we are the furthest door on the left. (Located in the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply – UP THE STAIRS AND DOWN THE WALKWAY)

Questions: Contact Vivian at nwwbviv@gmail.com

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