NWWB April 16th Meeting Paddle Sports in the Northwest with Haley Rice WA St. Parks & Rec. and others

Also learn about the yearly Northwest Paddlng Festival sponsored by the Northwest Marine Trade Association and hear from some of our paddling members about their activities.

Haley Rice, Program Specialist with WA State Parks and Recreation will bring valuable information about the Washington Parks Boating Program

Link to their website: https://parks.state.wa.us/832/Paddlesports-safety

She will be discussing the mission of the Washington Parks Boating Program, as well as the fastest growing recreation in Washington State – Paddlesports! 

“With participation in paddlesports on the rise, we’re seeing more people out on the water and more paddlecraft available for purchase. Get information on ‘Paddle Safe Week’ July 20th-28th, 2018 as well as resources on how to paddle safely!”

A member of the Northwest Marine Trade Association will talk about NorthwestPaddling Festival May 11th and 12th at Lake Sammamish State Park, the newest boating festival in the region focused on paddle sports. Link to the website

Some of our members who paddle will be there to share about their adventures on the water.

Bring questions and prepare for an interesting evening.

Date: Monday, April 16th (NEXT MONDAY!)

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

RSVP’s not required but helpful for setting up seating http://www.nwwbviv@wordpress.com


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Classes offered Lifesling at SYC (this Saturday), Navionics App 4/11, Perfect San Juan Cruise 4/12

1. Saturday, April 7, at Seattle Yacht club

FREE introduction to the Lifesling man overboard recovery system offered by the Sailing Foundation and Seattle Yacht Club.  This Saturday, April 7, at SYC from 9 AM to noon. 1807 East Hamlin Street Seattle
This will be a classroom introduction, and dock-side practice getting a victim back on board either a sailboat or a powerboat. Wendy Hinman and Margaret Pommert will be teaching on the sailboat, Linda Lewis on the powerboat.
Non-SYC members are welcome to attend, but just a few spaces left. Call SYC at (206) 325-1000 to sign up.

2. Wednesday, April 11, 6:30 to 9:00 at Seattle Maritime Academy

Navionics Navigation App on Your Mobile Device – Taught by Margaret Pommert   http://learnatcentral.org/lifelong-learning/recreational-boating-classes/navionics-navigation-app-mobile-device/

3. Thursday, April 12, 6;30 to 9:00 at Seattle Maritime Academy

Plan your perfect San Juans Island Cruise – Taught by Margaret Pommert

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Get Into That Engine Room, It Needs You! Tips for Learning About and Spiffing Up.

Thanks, again to Margaret Pommert www.seattleonthewater.com for a fun and helpful introduction to our diesel engines. Spring is here and your engine/engine room deserves some spiffing up and it’s a good chance to get busy with Margaret’s tips for familiarizing yourself with your engine and it’s needs

Here is a link to illustrations on Margaret’s site for simple tips for giving helpful attention to your engine  https://seattleonthewater.com/marine-diesel-engines-1

Here is a link to an article from Southern Boating magazine for more ideas for engine/engine room spiffing up.  A link to the article 

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San Francisco Coast Guard member becomes 4th active female surfman

SAN FRANCISCO — A Coast Guard woman became the fourth active female surfman in the service during a ceremony at Coast Guard Station Golden Gate in Sausalito, Friday.

During the ceremony, Petty Officer 1st Class Krystyna Duffy, 31, received the surfman designation, the highest certification in Coast Guard small boat operation, which allows rescue boat coxswains to operate in extreme weather and sea conditions.

As a surfman, Duffy is qualified to take a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat out in 20-foot breaking surf with 30-foot seas and 50-knot winds, reaching the boat’s operational limits.

“This is easily the best day of my career,” said Duffy. “The process was demanding and required a lot from me and my family. But I knew I wanted this, and I did what I had to do to get it done.” 

Coast Guard Station Golden Gate is one of 21 surf stations, where surf conditions greater than eight feet occur 36 days or more each year. Heavy surf often contributes to search-and-rescue emergencies in the Bay Area and along the Northern California coastline. 

Chief Warrant Officer Beth Slade, the commanding officer of Station Golden Gate, presented Duffy’s award. In 2002, Slade became the first woman ever to earn the surfman qualification for the 47-foot Motor Lifeboat.

“The surfman pin is more than just boat driving,” said Slade. “It’s leadership. It’s calm under pressure. This is an accumulation of everything she’s done in the Coast Guard.” 

The surfman title dates back more than 200 years to the U.S. Life-Saving Service. 

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NWWB Meeting Monday, March 19th How to Make Friends with Your Boat’s Diesel Engine – Cpt. Margaret Pommert

Are you a woman who says, ‘Diesel engines and I just don’t get along’, or ‘I’m not an engine person… at all’? Well, perhaps you just haven’t been properly introduced!

For our March meeting on Monday the 19th, Captain Margaret Pommert will introduce you to the fundamental things you need to know about a marine diesel engine. Unless they’ve been abused, these “guys” are remarkably reliable and easy-going, and don’t ask much from the relationship at all! It’s easy to develop a working relationship with them and give them the few key things they need to be happy. Margaret will go through each of these, as well as a little bit of background on why they are important to your engine.

Are you worried about “physical boundaries”? Don’t worry, most of these activities don’t even require you to touch the engine or open a tool box!

You’ll leave with an easy, step-by-step plan for how you can get to know the diesel engine on YOUR boat. (Do you have a gasoline engine? No worries, much of this is applicable). Margaret will also recommend some local classes, for when you’re ready to take your engine relationship “to the next level”.

Promise we’ll have a fun evening!

About Margaret Pommert:

Margaret’s an instructor certified by: US Sailing, American Sailing Association, US Powerboating, Recreational Powerboating Association, and National Safe Boating Council. She’s a US Coast Guard licensed 50 Ton Master and has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering from UW. She teaches “Diesel Engine 101” for women at The Seattle Boat Show and The Vancouver International Boat Show, and co-ed at Windworks Sailing and Powerboating Shore School.

You may want to bookmark her website offering boating resources in Seattle   https://seattleonthewater.com/

Date: Monday, March 19th 2018

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

RSVP’s not required but helpful for setting up seating http://www.nwwbviv@wordpress.com



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March 10th She Tells Sea Tales: A celebration of women in the maritime industry

For the fifth straight year, the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) in Port Townsend will play host to “She Tells Sea Tales” — an incredible collaboration of talented women who work and play on the water.

She Tells Sea Tales is an evening of sea stories told by female mariners in support of the Girls Boat Project, an ongoing program aimed to inspires the next generation of young women and men to pursue a life connected to the ocean. Presenters will include Kaci Cronkhite, Carol Hasse, Cait Miller, Bonnie Obremski, Sue Schaeffer, Kate Starling and Ava Veitenhans, along with art by K Robinson and music by Ace Spragg.

for more information:


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NWWB Meeting Mon. 19th Please RSVP if you can – Enjoy Team Sail Like A Girl About Doing The R2AK

We have a favor to ask…If you plan on coming to the meeting below please take the time to send an RSVP to nwwbviv@gmail.com letting us know. It’s not required but will help us set up the room comfortably.

On Monday the 19th (President’s Day) we bring you a group of gals who are doing just that. You’ll be inspired by gals from this intrepid 9-women team – Sail Like A Girl who are taking on the Inside Passage under sail.

Make the time to come and share an evening with this group of gals who have committed to the 2018 Race To Alaska, aka the R2AK.

The R2AK

Are you intrigued by the Inside Passage? They are doing it on a Melges 32 using no engine or support! Learn about how they are planning for the race, their boat, the race itself…what a way to take on the Inside Passage!

Learn about this unique no motor, no support race, from Port Townsend to Ketchikan. The R2AK site says “It’s like the Iditarod, on a boat, with a chance of drowning, being run down by a freighter, or eaten by a grizzly bear. There are squalls, killer whales, tidal currents that run upwards of 20 miles an hour, and some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.” All manner of human-powered craft can participate.

About their all-women team, “One could argue that we certainly are a mixed bag of women of true grit! What we all have in common is a true passion for sailing and the determination it will take to excel in the R2AK!! Bring it on! “ 

Check out their website: http://www.saillikeagirl.us & R2AK website: https://r2ak.com

And…these are really some women who boat that you will want to meet. Here are some quotes in answer to why they are competing in the R2AK…

… because I love to be challenged by difficult sailing.

… for the sake of my own sanity. It is something that has gotten under my skin from the moment of inception and will drive me crazy not to do it.

…because I can’t stop thinking about it. R2AK has been calling my name since the beginning and it is something I have to do. Now is the time and this is the crew to face that challenge. I would also like to see a bear.

…because I’m ready for a new challenge. Something bigger than myself. R2AK represents just that. My drive, determination and desire to constantly grow will not let me say not to this adventure.

…(it) combines my love for the sea with my passion for adventure, my dedication to pushing further and my commitment to showing what strong women are capable of achieving.

…When life opens a door you have the choice to take a risk and walk through, or to turn away. I’ve found in life the most memorable times have been when I have taken the risk and opened my mind to new possibilities.

…Many women never come to know their physical potential, only their limitations. Leading by example and pushing my boundaries drives me.

…When an opportunity arose to take a break from daily life to join a group of amazing women racing through some of the most beautiful territory on earth – I couldn’t say no. The Salish Sea calls to me…and while this race will likely be long and at times uncomfortable, I know it will be full of adventures, perspective and challenges.

Date: Monday, February 19th 2018 (It’s Presidents Day but we’ll be there and hope you will be)

Time: 7:00pm – till 9:00 pm or so (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

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